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Who we are

Rachael Harris has been a language teacher for over twenty years. She is a qualified Special Educational Needs co-ordinator.

As joint co-ordinator of IATEFL IP&SEN SIG, Rachael is one of a team responsible for creating and diffusing resources on creating a classroom where anyone can learn.

As writer, teacher trainer and presenter, Rachael specialises in teaching learning strategies to help EVERY learner succeed.

Our objective – to give you as a student the necessary tools to flourish in learning, and to share resources with teachers.

What we do

Click here to discover the strategies you need to become an amazing learner, and here to discover a activities and ideas to teach those learning strategies to others.

We specialise in providing custom built solutions for your language and other learning needs, including language scenario sessions and strategy training.

We are also available to fulfil your written English requirements, translation, editing, polishing, etc.

Ask for a free diagnostic session to establish your learning goals and the actions we will take together to achieve them.

What we aren’t:

Not a tutor, private teacher or « répétiteur », a learning coaching relationship is based on trust and confidentiality, working together to define your objectives and find solutions to accomplish them.

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